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Introduction to Modern Statistical Mechanics
David Chandler, Oxford University Press, 1987

[Amazon ][Oxford]
Solutions Manual for Introduction to Modern Statistical Mechanics
David Wu and David Chandler, Oxford University Press, 1988

  1. Thermodynamics, Fundamentals
    • First Law of Thermodynamics
    • Second Law
    • Variational Statement of Second Law
    • Application: Thermal Equilibrium and Temperature
    • Auxiliary Functions and Legendre Transforms
    • Maxwell Relations
    • Extensive Functions and the Gibbs-Duhem Equation
    • Intensive Functions
  2. Conditions for Equilibrium and Stability
    • Multiphase Equilibrium
    • Stability
    • Application to Phase Equilibria
    • Plane Interfaces
  3. Statistical Mechanics
    • The Statistical Method and Ensembles
    • Microcanonical Ensemble and the Rational Foundation of Thermodynamics
    • Canonical Ensemble
    •  A Simple Example
    • Generalized Ensembles and the Gibbs Entropy Formula
    • Fluctuations Involving Uncorrelated Particles
    • Alternative Development of Equilibrium Distribution Functions
  4. Non-Interacting (Ideal) Systems
    • Occupation Numbers
    • Photon Gas
    • Phonon Gas
    • Ideal Gases of Real Particles
    • Electrons in Metals
    • Classical Ideal Gases, the Classical Limit
    • Thermodynamics of an Ideal Gas of Structureless Classical Particles
    •  A Dilute Gas of Atoms
    •  A Dilute Gas of Diatomic Molecules
    • Chemical Equilibria in Gases
  1. Statistical Mechanical Theory of Phase Transitions
    • Ising Model
    • Lattice Gas
    • Broken Symmetry and Range of Correlations
    • Mean Field Theory
    • Variational Treatment of Mean Field Theory
    • Renormalization Group (RG) Theory
    •  RG Theory for the Two Dimensional Ising Model
    • Isomorphism Between Two-Level Quantum Mechanical System and the Ising Model
  2. Monte Carlo Method in Statistical Mechanics
    • Trajectories
    •  A Monte Carlo Trajectory
    • Non-Boltzmann Sampling
    • Quantum Monte Carlo
  3. Classical Fluids
    • Averages in Phase Space
    • Reduced Configurational Distribution Functions
    • Reversible Work Theorem
    • Thermodynamic Properties from g(r)
    • Measurement of g(r) by Diffraction
    • Solvation and Chemical Equilibrium in Liquids
    • Molecular Liquids
    • Monte Carlo for Hard Disks
  4. Statistical Mechanics of Non-Equilibrium Systems
    • Systems Close to Equilibrium
    • Onsager's Regression Hypothesis and Time Correlation Functions
    • Application: Chemical Kinetics
    • Another Application: Self Diffusion
    • Fluctuation Dissipation Theorem
    • Response Functions
    • Absorption
    • Friction and the Langevin Equation

Companion Program Zip Archive

In this zip file you will find programs that are helpful for understanding some of the concepts in "Modern Statistical Mechanics". Included are both the codes printed in the text and additional larger- scale simulation programs.

Index to Programs

  • In the main directory:

    The following four programs are written for use with IBM BASICA. You may want to copy BASICA onto this diskette, if you wish to have these four codes run off this single floppy diskette.

    Elaine Chandler's code for Monte Carlo Simulation of 2D Ising Model, found on p.184 of the text. The code includes the correction from the first edition of a factor of two in the equation on line 540, to make the units of temperature consistent with the pictures in the text.
    Quantum monte carlo program for a two-level system coupled to a fluctuating field, written by Faramarz Rabii, found on p.185 of the text.
    A version of quantmc.bas with accompanying explanatory text.
    Generates Gaussian random numbers by Monte Carlo.
  • In the directory "jeffox":
    Very fast visual 2D ising model Monte Carlo written by Jeffrey Fox. Written originally in Forth, this program runs on both color and monochrome displays. The Forth source code, ISING.4TH, is accompanied by documentation in ISING.DOC.
  • In the directory "macstuff":
    Monte Carlo program for hard disk fluid, written by John McCoy, found on p.230 of the text. This program is recorded as text, and requires microsoft basic to run on the macintosh computer. The other files are sample data files for various fluid densities.
  • In the directory "molecdyn":
    Molecular dynamics simulation of a hard disk fluid, written by Elaine Chandler. The source code, moldyn88.pas, was written in Pascal, and requires Turbo Pascal and other external graphics objects to compile (not included). The color graphics will not run without a color video board, such as CGA, VGA or EGA. The program also requires a math coprocessor. The accompanying files error.msg, 4x6.fon, 8x8.fon are necessary at run time.

    Please send comments, suggestions and corrections to the web master..