The 2001 Berkeley Statistical Mechanics Meeting

January 5-6, 2001

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  • Early in Y2K an international symposium was held on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, to honor the life and scientific contributions of Kenneth S. Pitzer. For the Saturday just prior to that meeting, a one-day "mini symposium" was organized on statistical mechanics. This coming year, the symposium will be repeated to see if it is a good idea to make it a regular occurrence, every year the first weekend following the New Year. 

    At this year's meeting there will be 15 invited lectures during Saturday. On Friday evening preceeding and Saturday evening following, there will be poster sessions. Those presenting posters will have a 2 minute lecture opportunity to describe (advertise!) the content of their posters. 

    Invited speakers for the January 2001 Berkeley Statistical Mechanics Conference include: 

      Daan Frenkel (Amsterdam), Jean-Francois Joanny (Strasbourg), David Logan (Oxford), 
    Paul Madden (Oxford), Berend Smit (Amsterdam), Michiel Sprik (Cambridge), 
    Alexander Grosberg (Minnesota), George Oster (Berkeley), Eugene Shakhnovich (Harvard), 
    Richard Stratt (Brown), Attila Szabo (NIH), Peter Wolynes (UCSD), 
    Zhen-Gang Wang (Cal Tech), Jean-Pierre Hansen (Cambridge), Hao Li (UCSF)

    This symposium gratefully acknowledges support from Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire , the European Science Foundation, SIMU and the Office Of Naval Research, Physical Sciences S&T Division.
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