The 2005 Berkeley Mini Statistical Mechanics Meeting

January 7-9, 2005



The sixth meeting in the series is a special expanded symposium marking David Chandler's 60th birthday. The meeting will be organized by David Chandler's Berkeley colleagues Arup Chakraborty and Phill Geissler.

This meeting will have scientific presentations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. There will be a banquet with other festivities on Saturday night. A two hour poster session is planned for Friday night.

New: There will be two registration sessions: (1) 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm Thursday afternoon; & (2) 7:30 am to 8:15 am Friday morning.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the meeting on all three days. This includes a special Dim Sum Party for Sunday Lunch. For evening meals, the participants can sample the many superb restaurants in the Berkeley and San Francisco area. Please view David Chandler's recommendations on several restaurants.

The sixth Statistical Mechanics Meeting will involve a formal Banquet on Saturday night, January 8th. This will include the presentation of the special issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry dedicated to David Chandler, with David Logan presiding. Speakers will include Bruce Berne, Giovanni Ciccotti, Michael Klein and William Miller.

Invited speakers and other functionaries include Hans C. Andersen (Stanford), C. Austin Angell (Arizona), Jean-Louis Barrat (Lyon), Peter Bolhuis (Amsterdam), Gavin Crooks (Berkeley), Michael Deem (Rice), Christoph Dellago (Vienna), Aaron Dinner (Chicago), Michael E. Fisher (Maryland), Daan Frenkel (Amsterdam), Juan Pedro Garrahan (Nottingham), Sharon Glotzer (Michigan), Sandra Greer (Maryland), Alexander Grosberg (Minnesota), Robin Hochstrasser (Pennsylvania), Mehran Kardar (MIT), Martin Karplus (Harvard), Branka Ladanyi (Colorado), Irwin Oppenheim (MIT), M Parrinello (ETH), Lawrence Pratt (LANL), David Reichman (Columbia), Benoit Roux (Cornell), Kenneth Schweizer (Illinois), Eugene Shakhnovich (Harvard), Berend Smit (Amsterdam), Michiel Sprik (Cambridge), Frank Stillinger (Princeton), Richard Stratt (Brown), Peter Rein tenWolde (Amsterdam), Greg Voth (Utah), John Weeks (Maryland), Ben Widom (Cornell), and Robert Zwanzig (NIH).

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