The 2007 Berkeley Mini Statistical Mechanics Meeting

January 12-14, 2007




This is the eighth meeting in the series, this year celebrating the 65th birthday of Prof. Hans Andersen of Stanford University.

The meeting will start on Friday evening, and go through until Sunday lunch. Invited lecture sessions will have 30 minute time slots for each lecturer. These sessions will be in the morning and afternoon of Saturday, January 13 and the morning of Sunday, January 14.

Friday evening and, if necessary, Saturday evening are reserved for contributed presentations. Each contributed presentation will have a poster display and a two minute oral summary/advertisement.

There will be a banquet with other festivities on Saturday night in honor of Hans Andersen. This will be limited to 70 participants. You can indicate your desire to attend on the registration form.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the meeting on both Saturday and Sunday. For evening meals, the participants will be free to sample the many superb restaurants in the Berkeley and San Francisco area. Please view David Chandler's recommendations on several restaurants. 


Invited Speakers

Invited speakers and other functionaries include: Austen Angell (AZ State University), Bruce Berne (Columbia University), Kurt Binder (University of Mainz), Arup Chakraborty (MIT), Glenn Fredrickson (UC Santa Barbara), Juan P. Garrahan (University of Nottingham), Sharon Hammes-Schiffer (Penn. State), Jean-Pierre Hansen (Cambridge University, UK), Peter Harrowell (University of Sydney), Michael Klein (UPenn), Roger Loring (Cornell University), Chi Mak (USC), David Nelson (Harvard University), Irwin Oppenheim (MIT), Vijay Pande (Stanford University), Michele Parrinello (ETH Zurich, CH), Robert Pecora (Stanford), James Skinner (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Frank Stillinger (Princeton University), William Swope (IBM), Attila Szabo (NIH), Cristina Toninelli (INFN - Roma), Salvatore Torquato (Princeton University) and John Weeks (University of Maryland)


Best Poster

This year's Mini Statistical Mechanics Meeting will have two awards for poster presentations. One, funded by the Materials Science Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, is a prize of $250 in recognition of the "Best Poster Presentation in Materials Science." The second, funded by David Chandler, is one bottle of excellent wine in recognition of the overall "Best Poster." It is possible for the same poster to win both awards. Announcement of the winners will be made during the Dim Sum Lunch at the conclusion of the meeting.

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