Saturday Statistical Mechanics Meeting
Date: January 8, 2000

Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (with a break at 12:00pm for lunch)

Location: The McCollum Room, 775 Tan Hall ( In the College of Chemistry Complex)

In addition to the Pitzer Memorial Theoretical Chemistry Symposium there will be a day long Statistical Mechanics Meeting immediatley preceeding the meeting on the 8 of January 2000. A number of of outstanding people that are not among the lecturers at the main symposium have agreed to lecture at the smaller meeting.

Invited Speakers 
Hans C. Andersen (Stanford University), Bruce J. Berne (Columbia University), Giovanni Ciccotti (Universita degli Studi de Roma), 
Michael W. Deem (UCLA), Jim R. Henderson (University of Leeds),  Michael L. Klein (University of Pennsylvania),
 Vijay S. Pande (Stanford University), Gren N. Patey (University of British Columbia), Ursula Rothlisberger (ETH Zurich)
Kenneth S. Schweizer (University of Illinois), Eugene I. Shakhnovich (Harvard University), Michiel Sprik (Cambridge University)
Gregory A. Voth (University of Utah), Ben Widom (Cornell University) 


8:30 Ursula Roethlisberger
Title: Accelerating Rare Events in Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations

9:00 Giovanni Ciccotti
Title: Mixed quantum-classical equations of motion for light particles in a massive bath

9:30 Greg Voth
Title: The Feynman Path Integral Centroid Perspective on Condensed Phase Quantum Dynamics

10:00 Michiel Sprik
Title: Comparing Hard and Soft Cations in Aqueous Solution: Does the Electronic Structure of the Solvent Matter

10:30 BREAK

11:00 Michael Deem
Title: A Hierarchical Approach to Protein Molecular Evolution 

11:30 Hans Andersen
Title: Recent Developments in the Martin-Siggia-Rose method for classical dynamics


1:00 Ben Widom
Title: Phase Separation in Hard-Sphere Mixtures

1:30 Bruce Berne
Title: To be announced

2:00 Jim Henderson
Title: Statistical mechanics of patterned inhomogeneous fluids

2:30 Gren Patey
Title: Evidence for Condensation in Fluids of Dipolar Spheres

3:00 Ken Schweizer
Title: Polymer-Nanoparticle Mixtures

3:30 BREAK

4:00 Vijay Pande
Title: Folding pathway of small proteins and protein like heteropolymers

4:30 Eugene Shakhnovich
Title: Statistical Mechanics of Protein Evolution and Design


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